Meet Our Coaches


Lead Coach - SVCA

Venkat learnt chess at the age of five. At the age 11,  he was a runner-up in a State Rapid Chess, in his debut tournament. He became the University Champion and led the University team in All India Inter University competition. He represented Indian Air Force in National FIDE tournaments . Training Kids is his passion and he  taught about 400 kids and many of them reached expert level.  Venkat is working with like minded friends and training kids  across the globe with a motto of  ."Coach them Young and Watch Them Grow!"


Grandmaster Coach - SVCA

Grandmaster Tejas Bakre is a professional and a very passionate trainer since many years. His students have been their respective countries' winners in all age groups and went on to become medalists in World, Pan-American, Asian, and Commonwealth championships. He has won more than 30 international tournaments and became a GM in 2004.


Senior Coach - SVCA

Vinayak is a FIDE Player with a rating of about 2200. He has a great ability in conveying the complex ideas in very simple terms. Vinayak is the experts of experts!!


Senior Coach - SVCA

Kestony is an excellent coach who teaches based on students' unique strengths and weaknesses. He is a great strategy master. His specialty is to conceptualize plans for a win.


Senior Coach - SVCA

Shreyans is an experienced coach. He is a FIDE rated player with a rating of 2200. He has trained 100+ kids.


Coach - SVCA

Divya is helped many kids to improve their knowledge. She focuses on having a strong foundation and teaches chess with critical, theme based puzzles. Her coaching technique helps kids to improve their concentration level which is a MUST for becoming a master player.


Coach - SVCA

Shalvi is a FIDE player and trained many kids across the globe. She is an expert in explaining various tactics. She was the winner in Interzonal Maharashtra State Under 17 Chess Championship. She won 5th place in Singapore Asian Youth Festival Chess Championship.

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