Silicon Valley Chess Club - Timeline

Oct 08, 2019: Foster City Chess Club (FCC) was formed

Dec 10, 2019: We had our first Coaching courses, and got recognition by USCF

Dec 19, 2019: We conducted our 1st USCF Tournament

Mar 13, 2020: Our club was renamed to Silicon Valley Chess Club, and we conducted our first online tournament


Mar 18, 2020: We went global, and UK became our first overseas branch 

Apr 02, 2020: We started a branch in India (The homeland where chess originated!!!)

Apr 08, 2020: We founded a new branch, in Texas

Apr 16, 2020: Players from Kuwait joined

Apr 17, 2020: Our New York branch started.

Jun 10, 2020: Our SVCC CA club reaches 100+ members

Jun 12, 2020: Our SVCC TX club reaches 100+ members

Jun 13, 2020: Our first awards ceremony. (14 students got a promotion certificate, from Newbies to Rookies)


Jun 20, 2020: We adopted a new system of levels: (Newbies: Unrated.; Knights: U900; Bishops: U1200; Champs: U1600; Experts: 1600+

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