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A Guide to Promotion

Playful Pawns


These batch(es) are for a Playful Pawn (Does not know chess; Absolute beginner)

Bright Bishops


These batch(es) are for a Bright Bishop (A little or some experience in playing chess)

Nimble Knights


These batch(es) are for a Nimble Knight (Knows the basics)

Rampant Rooks


These batch(es) are for a Rampant Rook (Has a stabilized knowledge of playing)

Excellent Experts & Above


These batch(es) are for Excellent Experts (Ready to learn advanced fundamentals; Qualified to become a coach), Cool Champions (Ready to learn very advanced strategy), or Magnificent Masters (Becomes a tiled player; many of our coaches are in this level)


Buy a course based on your child(ren)'s level! Book one entry per child. To see courses for all levels click here.

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