Founder & Lead Coach

Venkat learned chess at the age of five. He was a runner-up in a State Level Rapid in his debut tournament. He became the University Champion. After his graduation, he joined Indian Air Force (IAF). He once played with GM Vishy Anand in a simul. He's taught 700+ kids on chess. Venkat is now working with inspiring personalities all across the globe, with a motto of

"Coach them Young and Watch Them Grow!"


Co-Founder & Western Europe Coordinator

Vinay is a chess enthusiast and IT geek and known for his ability for organizing events. He is one of the key people who is looking after the technical operations of SVCC. He is a great volunteer and coached many kids in the UK. He lives in Reading UK, & works as a manager for a broadcasting organization.


Pacifc USA

Swapna is a chess-loving parent & enthusiast. She lives in the Bay Area.  She is working as a statistical programmer in a biopharmaceutical company.  She likes gardening & cooking traditional dishes.


Central USA

Sudhee, (a.k.a Sudheendra) is a chess-loving parent and one of the most important members of our club! He takes initiative in organizing events that help the community. He is the backbone of our chess club. He believes in the proverb "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" which means "The World is One Family".


East Coast USA

Raghunandan is an ardent chess player and a chess-loving parent. He is an IT pro in Salesforce technology, living in MA, USA. He is a chess player from childhood, & a nature lover. All the members of his family actively play chess.


Canada & SVCA Coach

Pratik Shenvi is a great coach and helps the children to build their self-esteem and problem-solving skills. He provides the right guidance to the kids to reach the next level. Pratik has a USCF-rated 2024 and a FIDE rating of 1813.


India & Middle East

Nagaraja is a FIDE-rated chess player, and he is very passionate about teaching chess!!  He has unique skills in teaching, & helped many students to improve their chess in the last few years. He's currently working as a Senior Technical Manager in Cerium Systems Inc. He's an expert in team management, project planning, & the execution of projects.



Tejas Bakre is a professional Grandmaster (GM) and a very passionate trainer for many years. His students have been their respective countries' winners in all age groups and went on to become medalists in World, Pan-American, Asian, and Commonwealth championships.



Pratyusha Bodda - a Woman Grandmaster (WGM) from India, has won many national & international events since childhood. She has represented India in the Chess Olympiad - 2016. She is a very passionate chess player & loves to teach chess with children and budding players!



Chakravarthy Reddy is an International Master from India and a former Asian youth chess champion. He is a dedicated chess teacher working with kids to help them improve and take their game towards success!



Kestony is an excellent coach who teaches based on students' unique strengths and weaknesses. He is a great master of strategy. His specialty is to conceptualize plans for a win.



Vinayak is a FIDE Player with a rating of about 2200. He has a great ability in conveying complex ideas in very simple terms. Vinayak is the expert of experts!!



Shreyans is an experienced coach. He is a FIDE-rated player with a rating of 2200. He focuses on having a strong foundation and teaches chess with critical, theme-based puzzles.



Prashanth is an ardent chess lover & player. He is an expert at teaching the basics of chess in a fun-filled manner. Students love his classes and learn many concepts along the way to make significant progress.



Divya helped many kids to improve their knowledge. Her unique coaching technique helps kids to improve their concentration levels. She is very patient and teaches the chess games in a very friendly way.



Shalvi is a FIDE player and has trained many kids across the globe. She is an expert in explaining various tactics. She was the winner in Interzonal Maharashtra State U17 Chess Championship. Also, she won 5th place in the Singapore Asian Youth Festival Chess Championship.


Social Networker

Deepa posts news & updates to SVCC through many social networking sites and also designs the certificates for the club. She loves singing, painting, dancing and also enjoys teaching children.



Ananthakrishna has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from VTU. He is a freelancer and addicted to coding. Ananth loves to code, read, & build websites. He is also a web & app developer.


Website Developer

Aravind is a volunteer working for SVCC. He is the person that develops & manages our website. He became interested in web development and developed his first website when he was only 11 years old! Aravind is also an avid chess puzzle solver.

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