Welcome to the wonderful world of CHESS!! Various researches have proved the benefits of playing chess at an early age. Chess is effective in promoting key academic and social skills. Chess helps kids to think logically so, thereby enhances their intellectual skills. Chess develops sportsmanship and resilience so, it teaches kids to plan ahead and take responsibility for their actions. Thinking from someone else's shoes is a great life lesson, and chess can help with that because kids should think through the opponent's perspective to win. This is one wonderful game which kids can play, no matter if their opponent is an engineer, a wrestler, a zoologist, or a scientist.

Our Goal
To provide a safe and friendly environment, where kids & parents can play with friends and family from across the globe.

What We Offer

Our club offers unlimited online tournaments, puzzle challenges and zone level competitions , where kids can play with fellow club members across the globe. Kids can play and review their games with our excellent coaches. Join our club and begin your kid's journey towards mastering this mind bending game! 


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