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Tournament Timings

Come Play with SVCC (Timings in PDT)

Monday - Thursday: 1:30 pm, ChessKid (Kids)

First Friday of Every Month: 2:00 pm, ChessKid (Girls)

Friday: 1:30 pm (Open)

Saturday: 12:30 pm, (Open)

Sunday: 7:30 am, (Open)


“My daughter was earlier afraid of losing chess games. She started attending SVCC’s classes. Now she has started to gain confidence and now she is not afraid of losing. Coach Venkat's constant inspiration has made her understand that every game is a new beginning. Chess can be taught by anyone, but Silicon Valley Chess Club is inspiring kids. Thank you so much!”

Subramanya Mujumadar

Foster City, CA

“My son participated in some of SVCA’s classes. It really helped him a lot."

Sudhi M.

Plano, TX

“Thanks to Sudhee Mujumdar for introducing my kids to the Chess Club. Venkat Acharya is amazing as a coach and my daughters really enjoy his sessions. Venkat & Vinay Acharya are very prompt in responding to the many emails, phone calls & messages to the club. I highly recommend this club to the all young curious minds.

Thank you Coaches!”

Raghav Shet

Richardson, TX

“My daughter liked the chess courses conducted by Coach Venkat. He arranged his classes so that everyone learns at their own pace. He introduces puzzles and makes it fun and enjoyable. My daughter always looks forward to attend these classes. They are well structured, organized, and kids love his teaching style!" 


Foster City, CA

“My son was a novice in chess before he joined SVCC. Within a few weeks, his chess skills have immensely improved. SVCC has very nice tournaments and he is really enjoying participating in those. Not only the chess skills, but I can also see an overall improvement in his focus and confidence due to the courses and tournaments.

Akshat M.


“Coach Venkat is an excellent chess coach. He has a genuine passion for teaching chess. He is patient, kind, and encouraging. In one month, my daughter has improved her skills significantly. My daughter says Coach Venkat is the best chess coach she ever met. I highly recommend SVCC as a model club for kids at any level to gain confidence.”

Prasad Thomas

Foster City, CA

“My kids loved the sessions. These classes are highly recommended.”

Ravi U.


"Kudos to the SVCC team! Coach Venkat is doing an amazing job in getting the community together. My son Mayank’s interest level and skill, have greatly improved since he joined the club."


San Ramon, CA

“My son really enjoyed the session and had so much fun playing 4-player chess and interacting with all his fellow ‘Chess' mates.”​

Vijay Pasupala

Foster City, CA

“My son had a very great learning experience. I am looking forward to the next set of classes. Coach Venkat keeps the kids engaged through the class.”

Rajesh Munagala

Pleasanton, CA

“My daughter is enjoying SVCC’s chess classes. Coach Venkat draws her attention towards chess in a really nice way.”




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