Welcome to the wonderful world of CHESS !!  Various researches have proved  the benefits of playing  chess at early stage. Chess is effective in promoting key academic and social skills. Chess helps kids to think logically and thereby enhances the problem solving skills. Chess develops sportsmanship and resilience and it teaches kids to plan ahead and take responsibility for their actions. Thinking from opponent's view point is a great life lesson. This is one wonderful game where kids can sing the victory tune, no matter if opponent is a boxer or a wrestler;  pugilist or a scientist.

Our Aim
To provide a safe and friendly environment, where kids & family members  play with friends and family across the globe 

What We Offer

Our club offers unlimited online tournaments, puzzle challenges and zone level competitions , where kids can play with fellow club members across the globe. Kids can play and review their games with our coaches. If you are new to chess and keen on learning ABC's of Chess or looking to improve further, we have tailor made lessons offered by Silicon Valley Chess's expert staff members.

Join our club and begin your kid's journey towards mastering this mind bending game! 


My daughter was afraid of loosing chess games. She started attending "Chess Puzzle Solving for Rookies (Beginners/U900)" classes. Now she has starteCoach Venkat is an excellent chess coach. Coach Venkat has a genuine passion for teaching chess to kids. He is patient, kind and encouraging. He motivates kids to get better with out forcing them. In one month, my daughter has improved her game significantly. I can only attribute this to the gentle guidance and mentor ship of coach Venkat. My daughter says coach Venkat is the best chess coach she ever meet. We are indeed extremely fortunate to have coach Venkat as our coach. Coach Venkat is able to guide kids especially beginners to love playing the game of chess. Coach Venkat is able to teach the kids where they went wrong in their game and what the kids should do to win or improve their game in a fun manner without hurting their feelings. I highly recommend coach Venkat as a chess coach for kids at any level.d to gain confidence and now she is no more afraid of loosing. Coach Venkat's constant inspiration has made her understand that every game is a new learning. Chess can be taught by anyone, but Silicon Valley Chess is inspiring kids. Thank you so much !

Prasad, California

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